What's Up Sugar

Love  and Amuse  ME  is  long  for  what we call  ourselves.

This platform you just got brought to goes googly eyed for the sexiness of the creative process amongst individuals. LAME Magazine is a fresh take on creative culture, a presentation of voices unbound by any specific genre, united by one focus: passion. We aim to serve our readers insight into the industries shaking up the scene. Surfing, skating, street art, tattoos, designs, whatever the calling, if there’s authentic energy, LAME Magazine has it covered. 


Based out of Orange County, we’ll turn you onto some new shit that goes easy on the eyes, the only thing that will help you navigate through LAME. Unlike other lifestyle magazines, we’re here to provide a platform for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to redefine their world.

Through both our website and print magazine, we strive to offer exposure to artists, videographers, photographers, surfers, and brands on the cutting edge, highlighting cool projects by cool creatives. We aim to inspire our audience to chase whatever drives their creative side, and to seek authenticity. 

The creative process is something that isn’t defined to a certain way, shape, or form... everybody sees things differently and hopefully that keeps your eyes as wide as it keeps ours. If it doens’t, allow us to do the leg work for you and we’ll make sure it lands in your lap each time.