Sacred System - Grant Amspacher x LAME

Sacred System - Grant Amspacher x LAME

Grant Amspacher

Tell us about your baby.. what was the first camera you ever got and the one you love now?

The first camera that I ever got that I can remember is a canon gl1 which is the classic mini dv camera with the handle that has the mic on, great starter camera for filming skateboarding. Right now my setup is the red epic Mx and it’s amazing, the most fun, easy and crystal clear videos off that thing.

How old were you when you realized you wanted to dive in and take your shot at filming? Why?

I was probably 11 or 12 when I first started to get internet in filming, I would always be skating with my friends and no one had a camera but I loved watching skate videos and wanted to make my own so I did what ever research I could and knew a kid at the skatepark that was selling his gl1 and the rest is history. 

What kind of vibe do you like to capture in some of your reels?

I always try to document the feeling or experience that the individual is setting while filming, it took me a while to figure out certain settings, lenses , setups and everything in between to help depict the vibe/environment that the subject is in. But I still have so much more to learn and that’s what I love most about videography is there’s always something to be learned.

What do you like to do when you’re not filming porn… I mean skate. Skate porn?

haha when I’m not filming skating I mostly do music videos with my friend Reese and his music “wolftraproad” . It so fun and we just go to dope locations and make what ever we want, no guidelines or restrictions, just pure fun

Favorite band right now?

wolftraproad is probably one of my favorite bands right now, even though is just Reese doing his thing , every song he makes connects great with me and hyped me up that he’s trying to do his own thing other than the skating 

Go to kicks? (Shoes)

have to shout out Kyle for his signature shoe the Kwalks vans , he gets me hyped knowing he made it doing what he loves and he’s always motivating me to keep on doing stuff my own way and makes me want to strive for more.

Favorite beer?

Angry Orchard hard apple ciders go!

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