He Can Paint Just As Well As His Feet Dance. Meet Volcom's Own- Mauro

He Can Paint Just As Well As His Feet Dance. Meet Volcom's Own- Mauro Díaz

Mauro Díaz

Meet Mauro. He's a Puerto Rican Native. His style is on edge, he can walk out of his house and make one of the most rad paintings from daydreaming at the clouds, and not to mention he can absolutely demoralize a swell. We've had numerous brief phone calls with him over the past couple weeks, when the time difference permitted, and the guy spits it exactly how he sees it. We were extremely inspired... and a little jealous. Shit, I even walked outside after and started staring at the clouds to see if my surfing would get better... nothing yet, but I'm not knocking it... see you tomorrow half cat half turtle sitting up there. 

We'll keep you updated with the surfing. Probably not. More importantly, get to know the man below/above/just scroll :)


Thanks for talking with us, Mauro! Let's kick it off. 

What inspired you to start painting? 

I’ve always liked drawing, while traveling’ I’d write and sketch pictures and ideas. Along the way I grew more inclined to the whole process of creating, which led me to experiment with colors and bigger formats like a canvas or anything that suits the thought process. It’s very interesting and fulfilling and I’m learning every day.

So rad. Is there a specific message you try to push through your creative side? 

Sometimes there is a message and sometimes there isn’t. Most times my subconscious ends up creating certain characters or situations that come out in lines and colors and I find out their meaning after a while. I like when things appear suddenly without planning, such as a splash of paint that looks like a head or some cover up that turns into a person’s foot or belly. You could say that through my process I reveal some sort of  magical realism through characters, feelings and situations that I’ve lived or witnessed; adding light to darkness; exposing chapters of life with a luminous balance of the duality we navigate. 

Dude your imagination shits on mine. Which piece are you digging the most that you’ve done?

At the moment I dig a self portrait I did as a cloud, “Autoretrato”. It’s a figure in the clouds and I like the way it came out. I enjoy drawing characters in the clouds from pictures that I take, adding parts to the whole that already exists. In this piece I started from scratch and painted its entirety with acrylic on a 20 X 30 canvas. Also another piece called “Frente a mi” (“In front of Myself”) which is acrylic and charcoal on wood 17 x 28 in which a character faces himself in  different forms of existence.

Who inspires you on a surfing level and an artistic level?

On a surfing level many people inspire me for obvious reasons. Tom Curren, Andy and Bruce Irons, Dane Reynolds, Andrew Doheny, Derek Ho, and Carlos Goncalves. On an artistic point of view I am very inspired by Anthony Lister and Aby Ruiz.

If you could pack your bags up and go anywhere in the world to surf right now where are you landing? Who would you like to go with?

I’d say in Tahiti or Mexico with with my girlfriend. She is a great photographer/filmer; we’re  both learning and documenting, especially now that things have been somewhat limited I’d really enjoy a trip with her in and out of the water exploring spaces and cultures.

You can only bring one board, which one are you bringing?

I’ve been riding a 5’5 Slob craft with very thick beveled rails and a flat deck that goes great when it’s flat and overhead. Either that or a bigger board that can handle some size, probably a 6’6, good number for good waves. 

What do you like about surfing in Puerto Rico?

I love the variety of waves that we have and the climate. Also the fact that it’s mainly reef breaks and the waves have power. There’s nothing like home.

Morning person or night owl?

A bit of both, lately a morning person. 

Favorite beer?

Sierra Nevada IPA or a cold Medalla. 


Mauro Díaz in Matt Tromberg's (infamous Metal Neck) edit 'Aqui' Now Playing on Metal Neck's account. Featuring Mauro and Balram Stack. Feast Your Eyes.


All Stills Taken by

Rosa Maria Gómez

“Expansión" Acrylic and pastels on gypsum board 37x40 in $900
“Doñita y su bolsa”/ “Old lady and her bag” acrylic and pen on gypsum board 59" 5/16 x 19” 11/16 in. $1,000
Thank You Mauro!

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