Give us the scoop.. Where did Sad come from and what is the meaning behind the name “Sad Eyewear”? Hope it wasn’t because of a shitty break up...

No, no, Sad was born from of a small local concept started years ago called Mesa Crew, we made T shirts and Jackets and had art shows. There’s probably still clips online of the shit we did and a lot of those guys are pretty prevalent now. Anyways, we shut that down and it felt like there was a void – so we started Sight And Design Co. or Sad not too long ago.

How do you guys distinguish yourself amongst other eyewear companies?

The concept of Sad is to bring light to the individuals BEHIND the lens and be- hind the scenes. We really aren’t trying to sponsor skaters or surfers or anything like that – but bring focus to the photographers, filmers, musicians - people that are responsible for how sick an end product turns out even though everyone just focuses on the athlete.

We love that, thats what Lame was based on.

There’s some fucking beautiful people repping your brand give us the Sad Eyewear muse, How do you want people to feel when they throw on your shades?

Haha – we only produce unisex styles, which I think keeps people from being pigeonholed or typecast. We have some heavy skaters wearing the same style as some chick in Norway haha, but that’s the shit! Wear what- ever whenever. I think people are drawn to the fact that we aren’t trying to just check the boxes and cover the bases of what to throw online or do as a brand.

Your guys’ styles attacks everything fresh on the market right now. What’s the process like when developing your next set of frames and how is it staying up to date with what just looks good?

Honestly, I think it’s because we aren’t that old. I just left Vol- com last month and loved working there, but it makes you realize how similar all the brands are after all these years and how quick everyone is trying to move, the people in charge are so far removed from what’s actually going on. Our main employee is 21.. We are not trying to keep up with the Jones’s because you will eventually fall behind. Our brand will be de- fined more by what we won’t produce than by trying to pro- duce everything that is on trend.

Do you guys have any new frames you’re about to drop soon that we should keep our eyes on?

YEAH! We are super pumped and excited because we are kind of throwing it all on the line. We are going to have two lines, some cheapies and some heavy/legit acetate frames nice enough to wear to a funeral or whatever - class. We are in the process of opening up more retail accounts to be slightly more accessible, but everything will be available online forsure.


Instagram: @sadeyewear



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