I think we all know who started coronavirus at this point... zoom. So we chose to FaceTime. Only a couple hundred miles away, we take up Kylie's Day for 15 minutes with some Lame questions and get to know her for the artist she is.

    The short catch-up, she’s a senior at UCSB, has a rad boyfriend (sorry boys), and creates like it’s nobody’s business. From painting to graphic design to earrings, the only thing she can’t do is get to class that Friday. A strong feminist with a rad message, Kylie should be at the top of all of our lists.

    The next option to get ahold of Kylie was to get two cups with some reaallyy long string between the two, so I’m glad we managed with a recording of a chopped up video call instead. We take up some of Kylie’s day in less than ideal conditions, but we could not have been more stoked. Here’s someone with a name that rhymes as well as she creates... Kylie Bly.

Kylie, your stuff is unreal. Where do you find some of your inspiration?

That’s always one of the hard parts... getting inspired. With graphic design I feel like I like to see other people’s stuff for technique and color coordination. With painting it’s always really difficult because you’re looking at this blank canvas and you’re like, “What the fuck am I gonna paint” haha but I feel like a lot of the time I want to paint something that has to do with women.

    I’m a very, very strong feminist and I think women have some of the most amazing stories ever so I’ll either try to paint something from my own experiences as a woman and from my personality as a woman or kind of going off as a more universal theme of women.

    We love that, I feel like that's something that can invoke so much inspiration for an artist like yourself. When did this all start?

When I was a kid! I taught myself how to draw faces, and that’s what got me so interested because drawing a face is so unique. I always loved drawing faces though because the more accurately depicted you can get it can totally bring out a new emotion and mood and I just thought it was the most incredible challenge and every face is so incredibly unique. so that’s why I never thought it was really boring. Then I went college and took intro to painting, and I hated painting before that. In that class I grew a love for painting because any time you made a mistake you’d just put a blob of paint over it and it’d be fine. It brought out a totally new side of my art that I didn’t really know I could do.

Face is the hardest part so that’s super rad that you were comfortable with that so early. Alright, are you a lightweight or can you drink Kenny under the table?

    Uhmmm.. I think I can definitely outdrink him haha. I’m Irish and Mexican so I think I’ve got him a little bit there.

Totally get that, my stepdad is a big Irishman and when he breaks out the Jame-O I know I’m gonna get my ass tucked into bed later. What’s your favorite piece right now?

I think my favorite is the personality piece. I obviously like the stuff that I do but I don’t think I’ve ever really liked a piece as much as I love this one. I will never swell this one. I was in this intermediate painting and we had to make a mixed media piece and I used a bunch of different mediums, like my entire drawer of art stuff, and I just started painting and it ended up becoming my various personalities, which I didn’t find out until later haha. Funny story I looked at it later when me and Kenny were experimenting with some earthy treats and we were like I still don’t know what it means and we totally hashed it out and it clicked!!

So good. Is it cool having a name that rhymes?

Yes haha... makes for a good instagram handle.

Where do you wanna take your art?

I kinda wanna teach...I think that everyone has a creative side and it’s more about being able to pull that out of them and get more in touch with it. I think that frightens people sometimes, I’ll be painting and thinking I’m not gonna make something I’ll like and you never know if it’s gonna be good, or if someone will get it unless you just do it.

You spent some time down in Australia. Did you ever see a huntsman spider in there?

This one time I was with my friend Taylor on the beach and we were going surfing and we were walking down the beach and Taylor stopped me and looked down and there was this spider crawling past us *Kylie’s showing me the size of both of her palms together and I just shit my pants*

Alright, almost done. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, 100%. Australian coffee. They have the most amazing coffee, American coffee will never be the same.

Favorite song right now?

Going California by Led Zeppelin.

Favorite beer?

That’s so hard!! Honestly I love Topa Topa. I work at Brass Bear Brewery, so don’t tell them!

We wont. You’re the shit Kylie, thanks for sitting down with us!

Anytime! Thanks for having me!


instagram: @artbybly


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