The Man Can Paint, Create, and Climb. Meet Devon

The Man Can Paint, Create, and Climb. Meet Devon



    Fuel from some leftover pizza that morning gave me the chance to sit down with this modest, modern day Spiderman (title earned from scaling the side wall of Buffalo club in Santa Monica probably seeing triple… an impressive story to say the least). Devon doesn’t boast, and honestly “isn’t proud” of any of his work, and frankly just doesn’t give a shit. You'll find nothing less than entertainment and unmatched artistic ability flowing from this dude all day long. He’s someone who doesn’t just want to be an artist that everyone likes. He aims to be an authentic creative that other artists respect, and Lame has nothing but the utmost respect for this madman.


 The garage door creaks open, and the interior is as if my imagination became a person and yacked its brains out all over the walls. I see everything from post it notes to some pretty wonky heads, hands, mixed media pieces and handmade canvases. Originality extends from every dead spider in the corners of the room and my eyes can’t help but wander. We sit on some wooden canvas holders and step into Devon’s world. He shows me some of his favorite pieces he’s worked on, one being a freshie named “leaves". You can count over 13,000 small leaves on this thing. His attention span definitely passes the test from the same one everyone that obsesses over 6 second Tik Tok videos would fail. Each leaf has a meaning that is completely up to interpretation for the viewer. You want it to be a leaf, it’s a leaf. You want it to be your first love, there's cupid. You want it to be that time you forgot your wallet and had to Venmo the grocery clerk to buy your eggs so you could go home and make a fire egg sandwich, there it is (thanks to Kenny over at Irvine Ranch Market).


A piece that began in this little 15 x 10 foot garage actually got successfully smuggled into LACMA not too long ago. With inspiration from the world renowned stunt artist Banksy, Devon went off and performed his own. Picture this: him and 4 of his buddies break down one of his pieces, stuff their pants with different sections of the canvas down the street from the museum as they then make their way to the designated docking spot. One by one they dump their specific portion of the piece, with Devon at clean-up in the order to then take out a staple gun and it was on. The clack of the staple gun echos under the staircase as Devon builds the piece back together. As it starts coming back to life, so does the security guard after her Panda Express lunch break. As Devon reaches for the next piece, a pair of eyes reaches around the staircase to then be followed by the words, “What are you doing?” He’s f*cked. Gigs up. Time to head back to the garage. Before he could even respond, she continues, “Oh! You work for the museum, don’t you?” Devon sits dumbfounded, “Yeah, exactly.” She acknowledges, “Nice, carry on then!” Two blinks and two staples later, the piece is up.

Dude that’s epic, where do you think the piece is now?

Honestly I have no f*cking clue, people always ask me and I have no idea. It could still be there, it could not, it could be in the garage somewhere, who cares. It was fun and I wanna do some more stuff like that soon.


Cheers to that! Alright let’s hear about how you ended up on top of Buffalo Club.

Well dude I actually ended up getting arrested there because of that haha. So I was super f*cked up and I guess I was throwing ice at a Minnesota Vikings player, I have no idea why but next thing I know I’m getting thrown out by a bouncer by the neck. I get out there, lines way too long so there’s no way I’m getting back in. I end up walking around to the alley on the side and see this telephone poll, the wall right next to it, and the next thing I know I’m scaling it up to the roof. Hahaha so I end up on the roof calling my buddies, it’s an atrium bar so I’m yelling down at them. Essentially I get stuck up there because I don’t think getting down is going to be as chill as getting up so I try to sober up for about 45 minutes, I don’t know how that was that long. But next thing I know, the bouncers are up on the roof yelling, “HEY GET THE F*CK DOWN!”, so I put my phone in my shirt pocket, my friend still has a video of the whole thing I’ve gotta find it. And by the way, there’s no way to the roof, they had to climb out of a window onto the roof to come get me. So they guide me down, through the back doors and there are two cops standing there, super nice guys but pretty much said I had too much to drink, got booked, hired a lawyer and got it wiped. So no harm no foul but it turned into a pretty funny story haha.

Devon standing next to 'Leaves'


So epic. What do you want to do next?

Honestly more stuff like we did with LACMA. By no means am I the first. I can't even begin to take credit for it and I never would. Banksy is the genius behind stunts like that and that's where I find inspiration. But yeah, more stuff like that and more stuff like my Leaves piece. Shit that just looks so tedious that makes people think and also offers a ton of depth behind it. That's what I want to keep doing more of. 


We can't wait for it. Thank you Devon!

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